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Q: What is the process on booking a deer hunt?

A: Do it early... lock in your dates on our calendar early with your deposit and we will help you with the application process (deer) when the time comes.

Q: Is tipping the guide included? / What is a customary tip?

A: Tipping IS NOT included in the price of the hunt.  Common tip is $25-$50 per day or whatever honestly you believe your experience was worth.

Q: When do I arrive in camp for my hunt?

A: Typically the afternoon before the hunt is scheduled to start.

Q: What is the closest airport?

A: Commercial is Wichita (ICT).  Private is Lyons (LYS) or Hutchinson (HUT).

Q: What do I bring?

A: A realistic expectation of success and a good attitude.  Check the weather a few days before you depart for your hunt and call us just to double check conditions and tactics that will be used on the hunt.

Q: Are there any Taxidermist/Processors/field care of animals?

A: We do have a couple of local Taxidermist and Processors we can refer you to.  Pick up and delivery will be your responsibility.  We have a walk in cooler and freezer to help until you can make arrangements otherwise.

Q: Are there any hidden fees?

A: NO...we have no trophy fees.  With transport laws getting more strict we do charge $50 to cape a deer off the head and $50 to debone the meat.  You are welcome to do this yourself if you choose.

Q: Do you guys practice scent control?

A: YES.  We have ozonics closets throughout the lodge area for clients to use.  We run ozone systems in our trucks before each hunt.  We also spray each of our hunters down as they get out of the truck before entering the hunting area.

Q: Do we need to bring food or drinks?

A: Bring any snacks or drinks you want.  We will have a stockpile of general snacks, water and sweet tea.  IF you have a specialized diet you may want to bring your food at that point.

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